What Are The Components Of Gandhi's Mission Statement

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Tristan Stallenberg Life Orientation Task 1 Question 1: a) Mission statements are in place to let us what you as a person or organisation stands for and what your purpose is. Source B’s mission statement is about the values that Ben Franklin stood for and how he would carry out his values. The design of the mission statement makes it easier to be used for motivational purposes. I agree with the design of the mission statement as well as the contents of it, each value is supported by a way of carrying out the value in a simple form for everyone to use in their daily lives. Gandhi’s mission statement is powerful in the sense that it makes one reading it feel that you shall overcome anything. It also gives us a good idea of his religious views and the statement could be spoken by any tongue because it doesn’t make reference to a specific ‘religious saviour’. Therefor I agree that it’s an informative and powerful statement as well as life changing statement that will be used by many. I justify…show more content…
It inspires me more than source B because in this mission statement I feel as if I do have the power, as if reading this powerful message gives me the power to fulfil my own mission statement as well as inspire others. I prefer Ghandi’s mission statement because the use of the pronoun “I” gives it a personal feel and is applicable to anyone who reads it. The some of the lines seem to give me courage whereas Ben’s statement doesn’t, “I shall conquer untruth by truth”, where as some lines outline my values, “I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.” The opening two lines of the mission statement is the majority of the reason I chose Source A, “I shall not fear anyone on Earth. I shall fear only God” – these two lines are the most powerful lines out of the statement and I relate to them the most, it outlines my religious beliefs and also gives me courage every time I read

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