Tristan Tzara Was The Founder Of Dadaism

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Tristan Tzara is the founder of Dadaism. It is an international movement which had sprang during WWI. And also the most active Dadaists centuries are Zurich and New York. Zurich had become a place of reuse for many artists from northern Europe. Dada is also known as a short lived movement reacting to the horrors that fell on to the society during and also after world war I. Dada also had been representing the opposite of everything which that art had stood for. Dada had not been pointing its hate and contempt at anyone in particular, and does not despise our culture less than Dada despises its moralistic fighters, who comatise themselves in the rhetoric of their own sermons. As you know Dadaist is serious enough to doubt his own seriousness, and also to convince the viewer to doubt him as well. Firstly Dada was able to express itself completely through collages. It also had been very difficult to decide if a Dada work is “abstract”, being without a subject or to “concrete” with a realistic image. If a Dadaist attaches a bicycle wheel to its work it definitely does not represent a bicycle wheel, Even though it is a bicycle wheel! However it is not any way about the bicycle wheel in itself. It’s quite the opposite; basically in the artwork it is only an element in the interchange between the various elements. Dada’s weapons’ of choice in their war with establishment were a confrontation and a provocation. Dada had attacked the traditional artistic values with irrational
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