Tristram Hero's Journey

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Tristram was adventurous which led him to battle with Moraunt, a knight of Ireland, ending his life but also held major wounds. Trying to find a surgeon he sailed towards England but ended in Ireland, the homeland of the knight he killed. Unknowingly the queen tended his wounds and later when she found out he was the culprit was banished from their lands, but Tristram did not leave with Isoude, who he caught feeling for. Tristram came home to King Mark, his uncle, and told him about his journey, including Isoude. The king was interested and made Tristram promise to bring her as his bride. As a noble knight he accepted. Tristram continued his adventures and one brought him to Camelot, where he saw Isolde’s father who was accused of an act…show more content…
King Hoel asked what h wanted in return and upon seeing his daughter whose name was also Isoude asked for her hand in marriage. The king accepted and Tristram continued with his adventures which led hi to get a serious injury. his wife tried to heal him, but he was slowly dying. Then Tristram remembered about the other Isoude, which healed him after other battles he’s had. his wife complied and sent for the Isolde of Ireland. Doubts of the other Isoude crossed Tristram’s wife’s mind and eventually made her lie to her husband, telling him that Isoude didn’t come to save im. Upon hearing this he thinks that she is still angry for leaving her and he dies. Once Isoude of Ireland gets onto shore, as they took a ship there, she reaches their chambers and finds him dead. She lays there grieving and dies with him. King mark gets the news of his wife’s and nephew’s death and instructs them to be buried in his own chapel , and from Tristan 's tomb grew a vine which connected to Isoude, and every time it was cut, it just grew back stronger, a sign that they would remain together for

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