The Triumphnt Underdog Overreacher Analysis

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Essay question: “How much of the evidence present in the article points to the conclusion that this “Triumph of the Underdog” notion is rooted in factual and credible reality, OR is actually a myth?”

“The Triumphant Underdog Overreacher “ and “the American Failing Faustian Overreacher “ are shown as themes already controversial as in social media , as well as in works of art that may have their roots deeper than 15-16 century , the period of Humanism. Everyone wants success, glory, fame, wants to embrace knowledge and power but not all have the ability to achieve it. As Goethe had written in his impressive work on the myth of Faust noted that since the earlier times man had great ambition
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Scott Fitzgerald has written in his book “The Great Gatsby” supporting the idea that Triumphant Underdog is a myth. The main purpose of author was to emphasise that the greed for power and glory , eventually ruins the person himself. As it was Jay Gatsby , the self-created plutocrat , destroyed as if being judged by the gods of Old Money for his audacity towards them. Furthermore F.Scott Fitzgerald assumes that our lives are defined by opportunies, even the ones we miss . This quote beautifully explains the great ambition, presumption of Gatsby for power , money and glory until he was murdered and also his life was still going up , but now up in heaven. Sick aspiration has a major shortcoming which is observed in all his works including The Great Gatsby as stated in the “American Faust” article written by U.R.Smitten “Man who gains the world lost his soul”. Jay Gatsby had a majestic wealth but he didn’t have any relative close friend to share it , so he organized huge parties for people to love him. But nobody loved for what he was, but for what he had , until he was…show more content…
There are some people that with their monstrous abilities make giant progress and achieve success, getting on the top. This phenomenon is called Underdog and we can say that takes place now days but are very rare people who build their empires and didn’t ever lose them, but such examples are extremely very rare. This happens in fairytales and movies but there are also those who are intoxicated with ambition and commitment and raise in reality their personal kingdoms. Here we can mention the founders of the biggest multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products which includes online advertising technologies , search , cloud computing and software(Google) : Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D students at Stanford University. For this company they are working 57.148 employees and total equity in 2014 goes to 104.5 billion dollars. And this giant empire began in March 1995 as a research project.Another example is Mark Zuckenberg who created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room , with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University student Eduardo Saverin. Facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004. The software of Facemash, the Facebook’s predecessor , opened on October 28,2003 is written by Zuckenberg, when he was in his second year of college. The website was set up as a type of

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