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PONTIFICIA UNIVERSITA GREGORIANA FACOLTA DI FILOSOFIA Tesi di Dottorato The Concept of a Triune God in the Philosophy of Richard Swinburne Studente: Lindo John Matricola: 161891 Moderatore: Prof. L’uboš Rojka Anno Accademico 2013-2014 GENERAL INTRODUCTION CHAPTER I: FROM ONTOLOGY TO THE CONCEPT AND THE EXISTENCE OF GOD 1.1. Ontological Concepts: 1.1.1. Substance 1.1.2. Thisness 1.1. 3. Necessity 1.1. 3.1. Logical Necessity Referential Necessity Temporal Necessity Ontological Necessity Physical Necessity 1.2. The Theistic Concept of God 1.2.1. Omnipresence 1.2.2. Free Creation of the Universe 1.2.3. Omnipotence 1.2. 4. Omniscience 1.2. 5. Perfect Goodness 1.2. 6. Eternity and Immutability 1.3. The Arguments for the Existence of God 1.3.1. Nature and Methods of the Arguments for the Existence of God 1.3.2. Bayes’ Theorem…show more content…
Augustine whose treaties on Trinity are one of the noblest works in the Patristic period and St. Thomas Aquinas who develops Augustine's idea that the ‘persons’ of the Trinity are individuated by their relations. Hence this dissertation would make an analytic and comparative study of Swinburne’s concept of a Triune God based on these two great scholars of Christianity. Swinburne has been criticized by Brian Leftow, Kelly Clark, William Alston and Edward E. Feser. Philosophers like Thomas H. Mccall, William C.J.F., Jeffry E. Brower, Micheal E. Rea, David Brown, Cain James, Davis Stephen, Peter Forrest and Van Inwagen Peter provide different but complementary and alternative methods to argue for the necessary existence of a Triune God. Hence this dissertation as it progress will make a comparative and analytical study of Swinburne’s concept of Triune God in relation to the study of these scholars. Finally we conclude, highlighting the importance and future of Swinburne’s concept of Triune God in the formation of right philosophy on the

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