Trois Morceaux Analysis

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Trois Morceaux, originally choreographed by Anna Sokolow in 1990 and composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff was reconstructed by Artemis Preeshl and performed at the spring dance concert. It was originally choreographed for a 1990 New York concert, but it was never performed. In 1991 the original dancers videotaped Sokolow’s choreography. The video had been lost until Artemis Preeshl found it and reconstructed the piece, allowing for it to finally premier (program note).
The piece started in darkness, allowing the 4 female dancers to run to their spots. There the four girls stood facing each other in a square formation, center stage, each one acting as the corner. Each dancer was wearing a similar sheer black dress with pink accents. While no dress was exactly the same, the dancers on diagonal corners had the same hair styles. One pair had a pulled back half up half down style and the other a slicked back low pony tail. Behind them the backdrop was lit with subtle pink and blue lights, and the stage with a single soft light shining right above the center formation. Once the music started the dancers, with their arms stretched up in a fifth position V-shape began to sauté towards each other, turning the square formation into a circular one. The dancers sautéed close enough that their hands almost touched the three other girls in the circle, but . They then sauté back to their original spots in the square formation. During this part of the piece the music was quick and upbeat,

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