Trojan Horse Research Paper

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Trojan Horse Paper

The Trojan War was one of the biggest battles of all time. It took place over a time span of ten years until the Trojans finally thought of a trick to win the war. It was called the Trojan Horse.
The war started when Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy, kidnapped Helen, Queen of Sparta, from her kingdom and took her back to Troy. Helen’s husband, Menelaus, was outraged and went to help Agamemnon assemble a huge army. Agamemnon and Menelaus gathered the Greek army and attempted to lay siege on the city of Troy but failed. Then Ulysses, the most cunning of the Greeks, devised the a plan to capture Troy. It would involve a famously clever trick that would catch the Trojans completely off-guard. It was called the Trojan Horse. The Trojan Horse was an amazing trick that the Greeks devised to sneak in past the mighty Trojan Wall and set fire to and demolish the city of Troy. The Greeks made a hollow, large wooden horse with a slight opening in the belly where soldiers could enter and exit the horse. The Trojan Horse, which was filled to the brim with Greek soldiers, waited outside the wall until the Trojans let the Horse in. The Greeks told the people of Troy it was an
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The Greeks started pillaging the city and setting buildings on fire. The Trojans, surprised by the attack, quickly woke and grabbed weapons. The attack was one-sided. The Trojans stood no chance. During the attack was happening, the Trojan hero Aeneas, son of the goddess Venus and the mortal Anchises, received a message from the gods telling him that Troy was destined to fall. They told Aeneas that his mission was not to stay and try to defend Troy. Instead, he was to go and found a new city where they could start a new country from the remaining Trojan peoples. Aeneas quickly gathered his family, his wife Creusa, and men and fled Troy, although Creusa was lost in the escape. Troy shortly fell
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