Argumentative Essay: Is Trophy Hunting Really The Answer?

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Is trophy hunting really the answer? Many people believe that trophy hunting is just digging a hole deeper and deeper in the population, but it is still getting help by the government. Then there is people who think trophy hunting should be legal,this mostly is hunters looking for the best experience of their life. Is that enough to believe trophy hunting is the real answer or not? Trophy hunting is a sport in which you select the animal you want to kill, the place finds the biggest one for you, then it is released and you shoot it. The trophy part is the animal itself or a part of it that is usually displayed, like elephant tusks, lion heads, etc. Some people think trophy hunting should be legal because it helps control the environment, while others believe trophy hunting should be illegal because hunters are killing endangered animals., One reason people think trophy hunting should be legal is because it helps out the environment. If you ban trophy hunting it could just make a larger threat to the environment and other ways. “There is a risk that…show more content…
In a twitter post, by Maurice Simon it states,“Hunters- every time you post for a photo with a dead body of a animal you killed you are simply making a fool of yourself showing the entire would that you are morally void. No matter how you brainwash or bribe, no matter what costumes, gear, trophy you show off, no matter how much marketing and money you invest in it, no matter how you try to glorify or justify it all your tradition and practices legal or not are wrong hunting is Murder you have nothing to be proud about”(Simon). This is saying that the people that hunt for these trophy animals are wrong because they aren 't hunting for the food but the thrill and that is not right. It would be different if these people needed the food, because killing these big animals would give them a lot of
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