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Trophy hunting is bad for the world because there are lions dying out. There are every little of any lions left because there are so many people kill them for fun and it doesn 't even benefit the local. The local only get 3 percent of the money. This is just not one reason why.
To begin with, trophy hunting should be illegal because it 's harmful to endangered animals. According to Uneasy Neighbors “Africa lost 60 percent of lion in the last 40 years” This proves that trophy hunting should be illegal because there are so many lions getting killed for fun. According to Africa 's lions are disappearing and human have themselves to blame “Lions are disappearing from the african continent, and that has researchers worried. The situation is
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So why kill these innocent lions according to uneasy neighbors “ By 2050 africa 's population the fastest growing in the world is expecting to provide to 2.5 billion people.” this proves that more and more people are moving to africa and they are going to kill more lions while more people are moving to africa. According to Uneasy Neighbours “people will push into live increasingly closely with them.”
Some people people say that trophy hunting should be allowed because it has a lot of money to kill one lion. According to Uneasy Neighbors “a dentist from Minnesota who had paid more than 50,000 dollars for a chance to kill an African lion. Fired on Ceil with a crossbow wounding him. He then reportedly tracked the cat for nearly two days before fatally shooting him with a rifle.” That point is true ,but it is not as important because . According to Uneasy Neighbours “ A 2013 reporter found that a little as 3 percent (1,300) of those fund actually make it to the local.” there are many reasons that support that trophy hunting should be illegal.
To summarize trophy hunting should be illegal because it doesn 't benefit the local. Only 3 percent goes to the local. There is too many people moving to africa and killing out lions and there will be no lions left. And lastly africa has lost 60 percent of the lions in 40 years. This is why trophy hunting should be

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