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Trophy hunting is the sport of hunting game animals so as to collect either an entire carcass, or body parts like the head, hide, horns and legs The aim mostly is to seek the oldest, and most mature animal from a given population.
Trophy hunting is different from poaching in that while trophy hunting is legal, poaching is not. It is legal in that hunters pay hefty sums for the chance to hunt some big game animals and National governments often regulate the types of animals that may be hunted, where they can be hunted and the types of weapon that may be used in doing so.
Some of the types of trophy hunting include:
1. Canned hunting which is the hunting of wild animals in a confined area from which they cannot escape.
2. Big Five Hunting is the hunting one or all of the Big Five is high on the wish list of most
3. Dangerous Game Hunting
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Natural carnivores are the real ecosystem managers
While hunters and so-called wildlife professionals pretend to have control over ecosystems and the animals they kill, natural predators such as wolves, mountain lions and bears are the real ecosystem managers, if allowed to survive naturally.
3. Killing off the adult males of any species may decrease the survival odds of the surviving young.
4. It may also destabilize the population by creating a shortage of males
5. If females are also targeted, hunting can mean the loss of the survival knowledge that mother bears pass on to their offspring
6. This will reduce the average size of future generations and threaten the ability of the species to thrive in its habitat.
7. Trophy hunting as a conservation pool is a lie in that, the amount of overall revenue from hunting big game that goes towards community development is only around three percent. That number might even be lower since many of the countries where game hunting is most widely practiced are plagued by corruption that may well undermine the amount of earnings that reach local communities from collectively-held
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