Trophys Should Not Be Allowed In High School

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In life kids, students, and adults receive awards also trophies for their success in life. When growing up as a child kids will receive participation trophies. Receiving a participation trophy speaks a lot of volume. When getting a participation trophy this means the kid does not have to improve, kids get trophies like candy, and what can people do to change these situation. Giving kids participation trophies is not all good, sometime when doing the best people may fail in today's world. Improvement is making something or someone better. When someone does not get a trophy the next year someone will have to get better in whatever field the competition is on. This is like in life when a student's misses being in all A honor, the following year the student will have to buckle down and study a little more than the past year. Ashley Merryman, author of “Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing,” said “The benefit is…show more content…
When combining the two trophies and candy is like a participation trophy. Trophies are like candy because when someone gets a trophy their friend on the opposite team said” I got that same trophy.” This is so true because growing up as a kid playing against my friend we both got the same trophy at the end of the season. Betty Berdan says this”Like many other kids my age, I grew up receiving trophy after trophy, medal after medal, ribbon after ribbon for every sports season, science fair and spelling bee I participated in. Today the dozens of trophies, ribbons and medals sit in a corner of my room, collecting dust. They do not mean much to me because I know that identical awards sit in other children’s rooms all over town and probably in millions of other homes across the country.” When growing up someone would go to the local YMCA to watch their cousins play basketball and at the end of the kids season, the younger cousin had the same trophy as the older
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