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Critical Evaluation: The Ringer & “Tropic Thunder” Clip The Ringer is a daring, yet notable comedy that brings to light the stereotypical perceptions and stigmas that have permeated American society and culture in a way that also discredits those views, giving the characters dimension and showing that they have capabilities that fall above and beyond the stereotypes assigned to them. This movie follows Steve, who after a series of unfortunate events has to help his friend, Stavi, get his fingers sewn back on. To do so, Steve and his scheming uncle try to rig the Special Olympics by having Steve pretend to be a contestant – Jeffy. After some of the other contestants bust Steve for faking a disability and they hear his story, they decide to help…show more content…
All of the “normal” characters in the movie personified, amplified, and demonstrated these stereotypes, whereas all of the characters with actual disabilities debunked and negated them. Steve, the uncle, and David acted as though people with disabilities are unintelligent and deserving of less respect. Their beliefs and attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities were demeaning and condescending, making these characters out to be one-dimensional, foolish and funny looking. These stereotypes perpetuate the assumptions held by the general public, especially those who do not personally know someone with a disability. These individuals pull from stereotypes due to ignorance, awkwardness and inexperience. The reality, as the movie shows the audience half way through, is that these “disabled” characters are as competent, as multifaceted, and as able as “normal” people are, if not even more. When the characters with disabilities reveal to Steve that they know Jeffy is a fake, we see a shift in the plot. It is now Steve who is incapable and who needs help, and it is the “disabled” characters who must help him achieve his goal. They are no longer portrayed as just goofy and moronic – the audience finally gets to see the errors of the stereotypes they have assigned to this group of…show more content…
Not only is the movie quite comical at times and very light-hearted, but it also flips the script and shows its audience the truth behind the hurtful stereotypes they find so hilarious. This movie also emphasizes the idea that we should not separate ourselves from the disability community and categorize ourselves as “us” and “them.” We, collectively, are human beings that deserve equal respect and rights. And as Steve shows us at the end, these people society labels as “disabled” are not as different as the stereotypes would have us believe. “Normal” is not something that can be defined by any one person because “normal” does not exist. Disability is an attitude, not an attribute. Once the world can come to see that, then these stereotypes will cease to exist and everyone will be able to accept each other for whom they truly are, for their true

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