Cyclone Tracey Essay

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Cyclone Tracey –
Topic question: Why was Tropical Cyclone Tracey so significant to Australia?
Initial Research:
Tropical Cyclone Tracey was a small but catastrophic that hit Darwin in 25th of December 1974 and lasted two days. Accounted of 65 lives and destroyed lots of infrastructure and environment. Winds going at a pace of 50km/h and then hitting speeds of at 217km/h. Within 3 weeks, the cyclone lead to 2/3 of the population leaving to find safety.

Why have I decided to do Tropical Cyclone Tracey?
Because Tropical Cyclone Tracey had lead thousands of people through misery as it destroyed land and buildings so I would like to discover if it was a huge significance to Australia.

Focus questions:
Focus question 1: What ways did Tropical
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Tropical Cyclone Tracey caused an impact in economy of about 950 million dollars in. Also, Tropical Cyclone Tracey lead to a loss in population which dropped the people in jobs decimating local businesses. Tropical Cyclone Tracey destroyed over 9000 homes. Most of the buildings were not built to cyclone regulations despite they were in the cyclone belt. This would have cost them lots of money to rebuild everything again and would have taken a long time to regrow the environment to how it was before.
The affect it had on economy was a huge factor to why it was such a significance to Australia. This lead lots of money lost with the everything being destroyed and then rebuilt again.
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