Tropical Deforestation Summary

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In the article “Tropical Deforestation,” by Rebecca Lindsey, published on March 30, 2007, by NASA Earth Observatory it discusses Tropical rain forests, Sub-tropical forests, Mediterranean forests, Temperate forests, Coniferous forests, Montana and Plantation forest and how they are a vital storehouse of biodiversity, sustaining millions of different animals, birds, algae and fish species. The problem of tropical deforestation is now recognized as a very serious and important issue throughout the globe. No matter what type of forest it is they are being cut down to make more room for the growing nations. This article gives us an idea of how deforestation is not only affecting the economy, but also biodiversity and that if we keep going down…show more content…
In the “Deforestation” article under the heading Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions, it states, “Tropical forests hold more than 210 megatons of carbon, and deforestation represents around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.” A side effect of this is that greenhouse gases are being emitted into the atmosphere. The gas, when being released into the atmosphere, contributes to the rising temperature, the changes in the weather and water, and an increase in extreme weather events. When the greenhouse gases are emitted into the air the weather pattern can change an affect the forest dwelling creatures, their habitat and decrease the ability to get food and water. Some believe that this can be one of the major causes that it contributing to global warming today. Deforestation is an important issue that needs to be addressed and discussed soon. It has adverse effects on each living beings ' life. Deforestation has become a huge concern in today 's life as there has been a rise in the decline of forests. Trees are cut down to manufacture paper products as well as for livestock farming and so

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