Tropical Island Research Paper

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Imagine you are on the tropical island of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean. There is powdery soft golden sand where the warm jewel-colored ocean water meets the shoreline. As the waves come crashing in, you will find the seagulls taking off for flight. Off in the near distance the feathery palm trees sway in the wind, as if they are synched in motion to a song. The air is full of a fresh salty aroma and your skin feels sticky from the suns heat beaming down on you in all her glory. The warm breeze is blowing through your hair as it trickles down on your sun kissed skin from a day at the beach. The sun is setting on the horizon and the fun has come to an end. Or has it? You could become part of the hip club scene that carries on into the night or maybe deciding to escape into a magical mystery tour to a remote part of the island that captures your attention more. Several vendors on the island promises an “experience of a lifetime” by offering kayaking trips to one of the great wonders of the world: Bioluminescent Bay. The vendors exclaimed, with excitement in their voices, that their island was lucky enough to have one of these bays that will give you an amazing light show within the water when you touched it. With the assurance of encountering one of the best adventures you will ever have, I knew exactly how I wanted to spend…show more content…
Once we made it back to the shore, I was still in a daze, trying to justify how Mother Nature has managed to make something so beautiful and I was able to witness it. In conclusion, it was arguably one of the best excursions I have been on and truly a once in a lifetime experience. I will always feel inspired by this place and it should be one of the natural wonders of the world. It’s definitely a place that everyone should experience and we were fortunate enough to do
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