Tropical Rainforest Essay

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What is a rainforest? It is a dense, wet forest where the rainfall is 98 to 177 inches per year. There are two types of rainforests; Tropical, which has no dry season it is a wet tropical rainforest which has an average rainfall less than 66 inches. The second type is the Temperate rainforest, this type primarily occurs in an oceanic moist climate. When you have a chance to go to a rainforest you will be amazed at its natural beauty filled with beautiful colors, of plants, and extoic animals found there isn’t any place like it on the planet and, trees as tall as large buildings. Rainforest are located all over the world some countries include South and Central America, Africa, Oceania (which is islands around Australia), and Asia. In…show more content…
Whatever the reason might be they are there and hopefully they won’t have to leave if people stop from letting logging business or any type of company to come in and take over their land. The Indigenous People they have been here for hundreds and thousands of years few tribes have become extinct tribes like Carib tribe (named after the Caribbean Sea) they were known for warlike attitudes they were very crafty they made things like, weaving baskets they were skilled in sailing and navigating and many others talents and gifts unfortunately they have disappeared over time. But there are so many different tribes that have their own language and they are still present in the forest still today. Now you might wonder how do they live and take care of themselves well, they do the same things we do that don’t live in the forest like, find food, they have medication as their hospital and they make there own clothing from the rainforest. Do their children go to school? They go to school but just not in the same way as you or me might go to school their school comes to them their parents are their teachers they teach them basic studies as well as learning nature and the animals in their natural habitat. So what do the Native

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