Tropical Rainforest Short Story

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There was a rainforest full of color and life. The rainforest 's beauty was gratifying; it was like a very hot and humid leafy paradise. This rainforest contained various animals and plants. This leafy paradise had a variety of smell, it had a earthy smell and had other scents because of the various flowers.
When looking up, the trees were like skyscrapers and monkeys can be seen jumping from branch to branch screeching. A greenish light circulated through the trees and water droplets can be seen falling off the large green leaves and ferns. Insects scurried under the pile of leaf litter. While the crickets chirped, frogs croaked, and birds sang, the waterfall can be heard in the distance.
Then a great misfortune happened, the forest began to die slowly. It was the evil men using tree cutting machines that teared up the once leafy paradise. They were cutting down the trees that were full of life. They sheltered many and now they are lifeless stick of charcoal and nothing else. The land that once used to be green and full of life now looks like a desert.
The rainforest that was once so alive, now is chilling and lifeless. There was a strange emptiness around the rainforest. Birds started to disappear,
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Rainforests are vital for human and animal lives as they are home to millions of species, and home to tribal people. Tribal people rely on their surroundings for food, shelter, and medicines but they are often destroyed. Deforestation affects both the animals and the people who live in a nearby area. Deforestation interferes with the health of human being and the environment throughout climate change, wildlife extinction, the production of oxygen, global warming, and much more. Deforestation kills more than just trees; when people finally want to change the environment for the better, it will be too
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