Trotskyism In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is an emblematic book written by George Orwell in February of 1944. ( According to the author, the book works as a reflecting piece on events that led up to the Russian Revolution and on the Stalinist Era of the Soviet Union. The book expresses the peril style of a totalitarian government specifically through the leader named Joseph Stalin. Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union for many years where he transformed the poor society into one made up of a powerful military and industrialization. However, he ruled in violently rigorous ways where millions of his very own citizens were killed. Stalin was first born into poverty where he then got involved in criminal activities at a very young age. This explains why…show more content…
Trotskyism can generally be defined as the political or economic elements of a man named Leon Trotsky. The main principle of Trotskyism is the theory that socialism should be internationally established through the continuation of revolutions. The term itself has been used to indiscriminately talk about various forms of radical socialism. Orwell believes that Stalinism goes against the perceptions of socialist revolutions. George Orwell uses Animal Farm as a way of expressing his personal views on the relation between social class relationships and relationships between animals and humans. For the purpose of making things more entertaining, Orwell chose to write using animals to represent people where the storyline was to expose how aristocratic people abuse their powers in government. In reference to Orwell’s writing he said, “I thought of exposing the Soviet myth in a story that could be easily understood by almost anyone and which could be easily translated into other languages.” ( way of writing allows for a complex topic of history to be thoroughly exemplified in a much more simple
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