Trouble Characters In The Crucible

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From the story The Crucible there were a few characters that lied to get out of trouble. They lied because they did not want to get whipped or hung. Tituba, Abigail and Betty were the 3 main characters that lied to get out of trouble they were in. Tituba was the first, she was questioned after she was caught swaying in front of a fire singing her Barbados songs in the woods at night. That was a form of witchcraft so she was sentenced to be whipped or hung. She then lied by saying she saw other people signing the Devil’s book and she got out of trouble. Abigail and Betty saw how Tituba got out of trouble by saying names of people. The both of them started naming people as well because they were also being questioned because they were caught dancing in the woods at night. That is how the three of those characters lied to get out of some kind of trouble.…show more content…
There was always a box of matches somewhere in my old house. When there was a box of matches in my sight, there would always be a few gone out of that box. Matches were fun to play with for me, this will be said that they were never lit in any dangerous areas. My mom soon found out that some match boxes were missing some matches, she then questioned all three of us. My older sister, me, then finally my younger sister. The lie that I told was that the match boxes were never touched by me and that I have no idea where they are anyway. A few days later I did get in trouble because my mom did find out. I did learn a lesson that
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