Troubled Man Analysis

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“It is said that one night, Singing Boy, descended from the Volcano People, was walking back from the market with teas and candies.”As I stroll to the store to get snacks for the second half of the super bowl, I am attempting to make it snappy. I at long last touch base at the store and rapidly get my two most loved delicacies, skittles and an ice tea. Pondering internally this is all I require, not realizing that it would be my last feast. “Singing Boy walked past the place of his father’s home onto the land of Troubled Man, a Water person of old who grew troubled by the strange singing floating in the dark. With every step, rain steamed up from Singing Boy’s path and showered down upon him. Singing Boy pulled his cloak around him for shelter. Troubled Man took him for a Terrible Ghost.” On the…show more content…
Finally, Death and violence is the final aspect of the racism that killed the volcano boy also known as Trayvon Martin. The killing of a young African-American boy, Trayvon Martin, by an overzealous white Hispanic security guard who appears to have capitulated to the dominant post-racial presumption that equates the culture of criminality with the culture of blackness. According to Lillian Bertram in the 9th stanza of Skittles for Trayvon “Troubled Man stepped on Singing Boy’s heels, who yelled in surprise. His yell so scared Troubled Man who sunk his hands around the throat of Singing Boy and squeezed out the song with all his might. It is said that the thrush caught Singing Boy’s last notes and to this day you will hear the thrush singing for the boy who died too soon.” Misunderstandment caused the young black boy to be killed by the ignorant white- hispanic male. After the killing of Martin there became an uproar of white on black brutality and eventually now broadcasted police on black brutality. There has been videos of police officers, sometimes multiple at a time, subduing a black male who is unarmed and pinned on the ground and still get shot. That is
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