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We have watched in horror as Christians around the world are being slaughtered because of their faith. Even though most of us are not in the direct line of fire at this point in history, there is a steady erosion of Christian principles away from the society around us. More unsettling than that, however, governments who had once been founded on or guided by Christian principles are turning to attack the institution of the Church and Christian principles that had once set the social and political standard. How are Christians to respond to what is taking place in our world? Are there biblical guidelines to help us survive these troubled times? Rest assured, there are. This short book will help guide you in how best to respond to the world around you, continue to speak the truth in love and rest in the understanding that the Creator of the Universe…show more content…
Certainly it is putting our faith, hope, trust and confidence in Him and His word. It is “standing on the promises of God,” as the hymn puts it. You’ll note that standing on those promises and putting your trust in that faith, which was been begun in you, is much easier to accomplish when you first deny yourself and accept what is coming to you. Following Him means imitating His words and His example. To do that, one must know Him. Consider how much different the disciples’ vision of Jesus was than any of the other people who had gone out to see Him preach or who had witnessed seeing Him enter Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey. While those people saw what He did, witnessed His miracles and listened to His teachings, His disciples ate, slept, bathed, walked, talked, laughed, cried and lived with Him. To follow Jesus means to have Him present in every aspect of your daily life. These are the essential basics of our Christian faith, which are the beginning point of following Christ, without them in your life, it is time that you begin to examine whether you are truly His

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