Troubleshooting Creativity Analysis

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Troubleshooting Creativity

Reading my bible story always made me think about Adam and Eve creative idea. However, her flaw made her unsuccessful. I define her flaw as, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, as shallow, lacking depth of intellect or knowledge; concerned only with what is obvious, or weak-willed: lacking willpower, strength of will to carry out one’s decisions, wishes, or plans. Also easily swayed, disloyal: lacking loyalty or unfaithful, dishonest, traitorous, treasonable. (Merriam Webster dictionary 2018) In the bibles story of the first creation I grew up reading, the story of the serpent and his address to the woman, Eve why she should not listen to God’s rules. “The woman explains that God has forbidden the eating
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Creative thinking is good when we follow the steps to come to conclusion. First thing I learned was trusting your sources. Critical thinking involves where you getting your information from. Attitude is a key component of successes. Having the right attitude to a situation can help in building up your creative idea. Eve’s attitude was that she wants to be better than God. Challenging assumptions is also important process of solving problems. Solving problems creatively require to challenging assumptions. Eve did not challenge the assumption that the serpent was trying to go against God rather than her. If the assumption does not come to consciousness and be challenged, it is discarded instead. It should have been examined and researched. Another one is to defer judgment. When Eve prematurely judged ideas, it blocked her from being successful. Judging too soon kills the creative spirit. She questioned God’s rules. The biggest problem for her failed creative idea was breaking the rules. Sometimes, breaking the rules seems important to solve problems. However, know when it is a good idea to break the rules and when it is not a good idea to break the rules is part of critical thinking. If your creative idea is to find a solution, to be an inventor, it is has to follow certain rules. For Eve and Adam, this was the main reasoned that their creative idea didn’t work. The broke God’s rules that he set up for them. The bible story
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