Trousdell Gymnastics Center: Case Study

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I work as a gymnastics coach at Trousdell Gymnastics Center. It is a recreational center that provides programs for all Tallahassee residents, specializing in gymnastics and exercise. The goal of this organization is to provide a safe and affordable program that keeps the community fit and engaged. They offer recreational gymnastics classes for boys and girls of all ages. There are also preschool and kindergarten programs for younger children. On the other end of the spectrum, there are adult classes that teach gymnastics and overall fitness. In addition, the gym offers classes for children with special needs. Finally, Trousdell offers a competitive gymnastics program for exceptional boys and girls. Three Olympic gymnasts have come through…show more content…
You can fire them, you can replace them, or you can keep them and try to teach them better leadership skills. The remedy for poor leadership in the workplace like I have experienced with my boss at Trousdell is a quarterly evaluation. This is an anonymous evaluation that every employee is required to complete about their boss. It includes a survey asking the participant to rank different leadership skills a boss is expected to have. There is also a short response section that is optional where those who have had specific issues or complaints can voice them. The manager never sees these forms. The evaluations are only seen by executive management. At Trousdell it would be my boss’ boss, the head of the gym. Upon review of the evaluations this person would determine what actions need to be taken. This evaluation will tell you which of the three options I proposed above is the most appropriate. The most extreme being termination which is plausible in my manager’s case. This type of evaluation is critical because it shows upper management what needs work. Without these surveys, deplorable bosses are not held accountable and they can continue to misbehave without any real consequences. With the survey system people, can openly share what improvements need to be made without the fear of being exposed. The next step is to analyze the information provided by the evaluation system and see what steps are needed to…show more content…
If the manager has made positive improvements, then I would expect to see joyous workers. If I was to look around Trousdell before my proposed solution I would see an angry boss yelling at her employees. I would observe frustrated employees who are distracted while coaching their gymnasts. There are gymnasts who are no longer excited about coming to class. Then, I witness parents who are disappointed in the program and will take their child to a different gym in the future. Today when I look around the gym after implementing my solution I see a boss who is a leader, motivating her team. I look at coaches smiling on the floor with their class. I view gymnasts who are happy and proud to be in class. Finally, I notice parents who love Trousdell because of the great service it provides. That is what success looks like. An atrocious leader leads to all the negative effects on employees I discussed above. However, an exceptional leader has even more positive effects on employees. “Employees who work for good leaders are much more likely than those with bad leaders to feel positively about their work—per a variety of indicators. More than nine in 10 (91%), for example, say they enjoy going to work each day, compared to only six in 10 of those who have a bad leader (62%). Similarly, more than eight in 10 say their work makes a positive difference in

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