Troy: A Reenactment Of The Movie Troy

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The movie “Troy” directed by Wolfgang Petersen is a reenactment of the trojan war inspired by Homer’s Iliad. It is the story of love and war. The love of a city, love for a girl, and love for oneself. It is a twisted tale that reveals that the world not all black and white; it shows there are many grey areas as well. One of the main examples of this can be seen in King Priam. He adores Troy more than anything. He is one example of how love, can cloud your judgment. He would let his own sons die rather than give up Troy. He is a character that is both a hero, and a villain. In the end he ended up being his own downfall. Yet, he was also a hero in the ways that he loved his people. He could be wise, yet also foolish, kind, yet cruel. He was a king who was far from simple. He was complex, and showed many intricate emotions. He may not of been the greatest father, however despite all his flaws he was a magnificent king. He was first introduced when Helen and his two sons Paris, and Hector arrive back to Troy. He was very kingly in the way he stood and talked, yet you could also tell that he loved his son 's very much. Others seem to speak of him as either weak, and naive, or as a powerful and great king. Aggamendmon was one of those kings who loved himself more than his people and was very selfish and prideful. He hated King Priam, not only because of his son taking Helen, but because he was powerful, and strong. He had a great kingdom. However in many incidences he put
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