Troy And Othello Comparison

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These two characters that I'll be comparing and contrasting as I'm writing my essay are two heroes of different kind. One being a warrior who is hated by one of his men and the other being someone who got denied a change to play the major league baseball because of his color of skin and that had a big impact on his whole life. Throughout this essay I'll comparing Troy from Fences by August Wilson and Othello by William Shakespeare.
To understand the essay, I will start by writing small summary of the whole plays. Here is the summary of "Fences". After reading the play, you realize that Troy and his family are like most families with personal demons or secrets that they are trying to overcome in order to a sense of normalcy. This play bring
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after reading the two plays ; you realize that Troy and Othello find it hard to trust women that demonstrate emotional commitment. Which are Rose the wife of Troy and Desdemona the wife of Othello. Desdemona have shown her loyalty toward Othello, She sacrificed everything to be with him, She has shown commitment and care for him. Nevertheless, He still can't show a little faith and be able to pledge to Desdemona in a way the cancel doubt and insecurities. However, He believes that she may leave him and not act loyal towards him. All these are the what creates a barrier in both Othello and Fences ;In Othello Iago understands that insecurity that prevent him from fully interacting with the world. Troy is almost the same, He has an emotional barrier that exist within him that prevent him from fully interacting or placing his trust in this world and The people that lives in it. All this prevent him from forming good relationships at work. Troy cannot trust Rose, even though She is the incarnation of a good wife and she doesn't give any reason to be insecure. At the end, this is what creates the emotional distance between them. Troy and Othello are two tragic heroes. They are mistreated and hated by certain people in the society. Troy is hated by the white in America and Othello by his follower Iago in Italy. Othello attacks and kill Desdemona for the rumors assumptions
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