The Differences Between Troy And The Iliad

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Troy is a film based on the philosopher Homers “Iliad, depicting the battle between the ancient civilisations of Troy and Sparta. This battle was brought on by the mistake of Prince Paris (Orlando Bloom) courting the Spartan king Menelaus’s wife (Diane Kruger) after a truce was accepted. Using this, king Agamemnon declared war against the Trojan empire; and in so there downfall.
This film has much contradiction to whether it is reliable. Critics and historians show mixed perspectives regarding the history, ideas, events, props and costumes portrayed in the film. Homers depiction of the Trojan battle stands to show many differences between itself and the film. But to be fair this movie would not be the film it is today without the inducted
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Through the way it is written in the Iliad to portrayed in the film. By wearing Achilles armour Patroclus goes into battle leading Achilles men with the chance of facing hector, which ends with is Patroclus’s death.
Deaths are not the only difference between Homers Iliad and the film Troy. Character relationships such as Hector and Briseis and Achilles and Patroclus differ. Hector and Briseis were not cousins in the Iliad, neither were Achilles and Patroclus. Achilles and Patroclus were seen to be close friends or even lovers if one thought so.
Props in the film were devastatingly incorrect. Since we know the battle of troy was in the Bronze Age it is pretty easy to reconstruct what types of weapons and armour would’ve been used in the siege of troy. But in the events of the film it is realised that the props are not right. The swords and armour used in the film do not match up to history. These differences include the sword tips, where in the movie they were piercingly sharp at the point but in history they were rounded. This effects the iconic scene of hector stabbing Menelaus through the chest, but this was said to be highly unlikely. The sword design however was fairly accurate. The armour, such as the breastplates were not accurate at all. For a royal man such as king Agamemnon, the armour should have been constructed of solid bronze, or even smaller strips of bronze, same goes for his brother Menelaus. These breastplates

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