Troy Maxson Flaws In Fences

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The Faults of Troy Maxson August Wilson brings out the struggle of Troy Maxson in his play, Fences. All that matter to him end up feeling this struggle, for it remains constantly inside of him. Ultimately it proves to overcome Troy and make many lose the respect and love that was once felt. Troy’s actions and failure to fix them makes his true character known. By giving way to his own desires, becoming a continuation of his father and failing those he loves Troy Maxson proves to be a man flawed at his core. Troy’s Father’s importance and impact on him become evident as soon as Troy’s childhood is known. Despite the hate Troy felt towards his father he ended up very similar to him. Troy’s father didn’t love or even care about his children, but …show more content…

His relationship with Bono shows this clearly. For it always appears as though Bono only listens and comments in their conversations. It is rare that he brings up a new topic, and when he does Troy is sure to make it go in a direction he wants it to. Rose has to be the worst victim of Troy’s selfishness because Troy never even considers her feelings or how he might hurt her. He also ignores the responsibility he owes her in being her husband, all because he wanted to indulge himself with another women. This is proof of either his ignorance or complete disregard to the feelings of others, a trait that was given by his …show more content…

Originally he only did it once a week on Friday. After a long week at work it must have relieved his stress, which wouldn’t make it that unreasonable to do. However, after everyone knows what Troy did to Rose, they start to lose the respect that they once had for him. They stop visiting him and even Rose and Cory keep avoiding him. (Quote) With nobody around, Troy cannot be the center of everything, he cannot move the conversation his way. Therefore he starts drinking more, being that he cannot stand not being the center of everyone’s attention. But all the problems he has originated from, and worse than that, he does nothing productive to try and fix any of them. This once again proves that Troy is unsuitable to be a proper father for Cory and a respectable husband for Rose. Troy loses the dignity, respect and even love that was once given to him by his friends and family. His own selfish needs are fuel for the destruction of the life he once knew. By cheating on Rose with Alberta, he may have found short term happiness but in the long term he caused Rose more pain. And of course this pain seeped through to other people, leading them to lose their respect for Troy. The downward spiral of Troy life proved to be through his decisions and his actions. This may have been avoided if Troy had thought of the feelings and needs of other people important in his

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