Troy Maxson In The Movie Fences

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The movie ‘Fences’ has three main characters: Troy Maxson, Cory Maxson, and Rose Maxson. However, I believe characters such as Lyons Maxson, Jim Bono, and Gabriel Maxson play extremely important roles in the movie also. Therefore, I will speak on all six. Troy Maxson (53), is an African American garbage collector. He was a star in the Negro Leagues (he learned to play baseball while he was in prison) however, his athletic ability decreased just before blacks were accepted in the Major Leagues. He is strong, hardworking, and tells fictitious stories in which he twists the truth. He is the breadwinner and plays a leading role in his thirty-three plus year friendship with Jim Bono. He is the centerpiece of all relationships in the movie. He is a father to Cory, Lyons, and Raynell. He has a brother named Gabriel. He has excessive pride in comparison to his role in the family. He is unsatisfied with the…show more content…
She is a typical 1950s era house wife. For most of the movie she was seen at home cleaning or cooking. Another important factor is that she stands by her husband though he can be a jerk. However, she doesn’t allow him to walk over her; she tells him about his crap. Whenever he makes sexual remarks to her when there is company around, she tells him about her disapproval. Whenever he tells fictitious stories, she points it out. When he told her about his affair she says, "you always talking about what you give...and what you don't have to give. But you take too. You take...and don't even know nobody's giving!" What could be the most challenging situation for her is when she agrees to help Troy in the upbringing of Raynell after the death of Alberta during childbirth. When Troy begs her to raise Raynell, her response was “I'll take care of your baby for you...cause...she innocent...and you can't visit the sins of the father upon the child. A motherless child had got a hard time.... From right now this child got a mother. But you a womanless
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