Iliad: All Is Fair In Love And War

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Topic: How does decision making differs from the book to the movie ? Yet another famous literary piece comes to life, gathering some of the best actors to recreate a masterpiece of the ancient world. “All is fair in love and war” is a saying that summarizes the whole plot of the movie where love is the main reason behind unreasonable or dangerous ventures and war. Being that the cast has a quite singular selection of actors, the movie had a remarkable amount of success. Brad Pitt’s charming and powerful nature opposed to Orlando Bloom’s innocent and lovable attitude, kept us all in a state of anxiety as to what these two brilliant men were to encounter next. The movie "Troy" is based on the epic poem "Iliad" written by Homer in ancient Greece. The story is set…show more content…
In the ancient times people believed that they were destined by Gods to do something in their life since the moment they were born. This principle may have pushed the author to create a literary piece in which Gods twist everyone’s fate. We can tell this by looking at the poem. Achilles knew that he was going to die, unless he didn't accept to join the war. His mother Thetis, the sea nymph, foretold that this would happen to him. Knowing this he still went to fight, because after all, all he wanted was honor and glory. In the end his death couldn't be avoided but his wish came true. Unlike the poem, in the movie, destiny is seen in a very contrary aspect. In this version people choose their own destiny by themselves, and the part where Achilles is told by his mother not to join the war is not even mentioned. Achilles death was not a matter of destiny, but of love. He sacrificed himself to save Brisei’s along with all the other servants. So, after all, the movie still found a way to make this element more realistic without mentioning the Gods' will as the cause of everything that

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