Troy Popovich Character Analysis

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For the teenage boy marcus jordan he has many different obstacles in life that has just been popped up in his life. For example, he has moved to a new neighborhood and high school. So, that means he has too now find new friends and also pick what type of crowd he would try to fit in with. Many different times in the book he had to work his way out of a controversial situation. In some ways Marcus Jordan and I are very alike as in the way we both came from new schools and had to make new friends. Also, I faced many problems just like he did.

In the beginning of the story Marcus had problems with the starting quarterback who's name was Troy popovich. Troy and Marcus didn't get along because they both played the same position. This situation
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While Charlie's family tries to hide his secret Marcus tries to give Charlie back his memories. The two characters are faced with many different obstacles throughout the entire story and at first it seemed as if it was going to be impossible for Charlie to find happiness and for Marcus to makes friends with Troy. In life many people might not want you to do some things and also might try to stop you from doing it because they think it's the wrong thing to do. So in most situations you have to disregard what other people say and do what you feel is right for you.

In this book the major theme of it is friendship and there are a lot of those. Marcus valued his friendship with Charlie so much that he was willing to do anything for him such as cared for him and also take the blame for him with the police for a prank that Marcus knew Charlie did. In the end of the story Marcus even ignores the family when they told him not to take Charlie to the hall of fame induction ceremony. This is a great example of friendship and in my life I value friendship a lot just as Marcus did in this book.

Even though some people might be against you in life and tell you that something you are doing is the wrong thing you should stick up for yourself and do what's right for you. Marcus and Charlie are great characters to compare to myself for many reasons such as the way they value friendship, personalities, and
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