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Troy’s life is a symbol of the game of baseball, with starts, stops, and lost opportunities. He may not have been able to control his life through the days of the Jim Crow laws and couldn’t get into the major leagues, but baseball still followed him throughout his life. Baseball harmed his relationship with his family throughout his life. He missed many opportunities to fix what his mistakes in his life, but never realized he had a chance to fix them. He made so many mistakes that they probably won’t ever be able to forget. Troy was one of the greats, but with his skin color he couldn’t get very far in his baseball career. He was only surpassed by Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson, but didn’t play after the war so he didn’t have the chance to play in the major leagues. Bono: ”Ain’t but two men ever played baseball as good as you. That’s Babe Ruth and Josh Gibson. Them’s the only two men ever hit more home runs than you.” Troy: ”What it ever get me? Ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.” (Wilson 9). Troy never got anything out of playing his heart out in…show more content…
This made Cory and Troy’s relationship fall apart because when Cory was asked to go play college football and his father wouldn’t sign the papers to allow him to go because he let his own feelings intervene with his son 's opportunities. Troy: ” I don’t want him to be like me! I want him to move as far away from my life as he can get. You the only decent thing that happened to me. I decided seventeen years ago that boy wasn’t getting involved in no sports. Not after what they did to me in the sports.” (Wilson 39). Rose responded to this trying to convince him about Cory doing all this for him, but Troy wanted Cory to learn to do things on his own. This pushed Cory further away from Troy making Cory more of an enemy of Troy, they ended up fighting

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