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Individuals looking for a high paying truck driver job will likely need to go over the road. These long distance driving jobs have almost become a requirement for individuals looking to enter the business, as many local companies won 't hire a driver until they have this type of experience. With the right training, however, a person can bring in a good income and see the country while allowing someone else to pay for the adventure. Why is it that companies hiring truck drivers pay more for this type of work? The Salary Of An Over The Road Truck Driver Over the road truck drivers tend to make more money because they spend more time on the road. They put more hours in, but must meet higher standards in terms of their training. In fact, the majority of companies offering this type of work only offer cdl a driver jobs for this type of work. The…show more content…
This is to be expected, as they take on a high level or risk when doing this job. Furthermore, the driver must be competent in any type of weather and will need to be able to make necessary repairs, in the event the truck breaks down while on the road. In fact, ice road truck drivers may find they only need to work a portion of the year to make the salary many regular truck drivers earn in a year. Coal mine truck drivers also earn high pay, as compared to others in the industry. This is due to the amount of time the driver must sit waiting for his or her truck to be loaded. Sudden changes or movements may trigger a mine collapse, so care must be take during the loading of the truck. Local and long distance drivers responsible for oversized loads also make more money than many of their counterparts. Skill is needed to maneuver through traffic with a load that is bigger than normal. Many drivers carrying oversized loads work with a companion, known as a spotter, to ensure the driver, the spotter and the load remain safe at all

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