Truck Rollover Case Study

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Paramedics rush a 63-year-old man from Somerset to the Baldwin Medical Center after his fuel tanker flew off the side of the road. According to statements from the man, he had been swatting a bee before the big rig rolled over in a ditch. The State Patrol and county deputies responded to the accident at 10:58 am, along with the Baldwin Ambulance and United Fire personnel.

The driver said that a bee had entered his 2005 fuel tanker, and he had done his best to remove it, which is the reason for the truck rollover. According to radio transmissions, the man told them that the truck carried diesel fuel that had about 600 gallons. Thankfully, the rollover did not cause the tanker to lose the diesel fuel. However, according to a press release, the truck driver did sustain a brain injury and had to be taken to the Baldwin Hospital. They did not release the driver's name.
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responded with a wrecker to take the truck from the highway and help control the traffic better. On more than one occasion, bees have caused close calls with car accidents. In a different situation, another trucker had had a bee hit his windshield, which sounded like a gunshot. It had frightened and surprised him so bad that he swerved off the road. Luckily, he was not injured, and the truck did not sustain damage because he pulled it together. However, it could have caused an accident.

In the past, bugs in general have caused accidents when in a large enough swarm. For example, in a town near Red Wing, Minnesota, a massive mayfly swarm had been blamed for a three-car accident. During this case, the massive swarm had diminished after several hours; however, not before they left behind a slimy mess on the bridge that linked Red Wing, Minnesota, and Hager City, Wisconsin. They blamed the slippery mess on the cause of the accident that resulted in one person being
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