True American Spirit Research Paper

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Lots might consider themselves an American, but although they may live in America that doesn’t really make them an American. To be a true American it takes more than just being born here or taking a test. Being an American indicates that one has the true American spirit, and keep the American promise that all men and women can have, meaning they can do what they want with their lives but also treat others the right way, and follow good morals. Having the true American spirit does not come easy. “Americans look to more than the next meal; they look to the future, the long term, a better tomorrow”(Hudgins,10). That American spirit means even if one is not in the best condition, they know that things will get better, and in the future they will be in a better condition because other Americans will come together to help Americans who are not as well off. One also must understand the principles of this country. “The principles of this country are no mere abstractions; they are written in the hearts of all true…show more content…
“We are responsible for ourselves, but that we also rise or fall as one nation”(Obama,12). This is explaining that yes all Americans are working for their individual goals, but in the long run everyone is connected and affects our whole nation. Our nation may have a lot of wealth in money value but our real wealth is in each and every true American as stated by Obama in his acceptance speech. “This country of ours has more wealth than any nation, but that’s not what makes us rich”(Obama,13). Obama is saying that our nation's wealth is not measured in how much money we have but rather in how many Americans live up to the American promise, have the true American spirit and follow good
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