Selfish Relationships In Julius Caeser

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True and Honest relationships usually refer to relationships which involve an open and honest communication. Both the members trust and respect each other and are involved in the bond due to mutual understanding and for a happy and productive living, and not for taking advantage of each other. However, sometimes people start building selfish relationships. Building relations for one’s personal benefit can be termed as negative or selfish relationships. It includes either one or both of the members who have come into a tie-up not because of mutual understanding or healthy being, but for using them in order to reach their personal ambitions. There are several reasons due to which people build such relationships. One of the major reason is that some humankinds are extremely desperate for accomplishing their goals and are willing to achieve them at…show more content…
Cassius plays other tricks too to influence Brutus towards their plan. Finally, Brutus comes together with Cassius and they assassinate Caeser. However, this had very negative after effects. It ruined the life of most of the main characters as well as affected the lives of the people of the Rome. It resulted in a cold war and messed everything up. As a result, we learn that building selfish relationships will only spoil the lives of the people involved and will not benefit anyone. In the novel, The Kite Runner, Amir took advantage of Hassan’s innocence and used him for his personal benefits. Hassan ran the last kite for Amir, but when Hassan had to face Assef for the kite, Hassan being the loyal one sacrificed himself for Amir, and ensured that he doesn’t lose Amir’s trust. Amir on the other hand, remained quiet even after witnessing the sexual abuse that happened to Hassan. However, Amir got the last kite in his hands and this way he was able to earn Baba’s love and

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