True Beauty Apa Citation

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This book was one that I had read years ago online. In the last few years the book became published and I got myself a copy. The author, Priscilla, was sixteen when she wrote this book and I suppose that this book became like a small inspiration to do something great like her by the time I’m sixteen. I’m still working on that goal. The book, True Beauty is about finding a place to belong in a dirtied society. The main character, Hana hates ugly things. She deems society and those who live in it to be trash. Hana is the daughter of a high class man and when it’s her eighteenth birthday, it’s the society’s custom for her to choose a slave. Hana doesn’t have an interest in owning a slave until she meets Sean, whom she saw had protected another…show more content…
I found companionship in books and spent my days observing and daydreaming. I tried watching the world in Hana’s eyes and did find that I agreed with Hana and that “our society could do with a little less cruelty and a little more kindness”(48). Though what I was exposed to wasn’t as bad as the torture, rape, and abuse that was explored in the novel, I still found out about the things humans could do to one another. This book was an eye opener for me when I adopted Hana’s thinking for the time I read the book. Before this story I’ve read only books like Judy Moody by Megan McDonald, since we didn’t go to the library often nor owned a lot of books. This story made me realize that Judy wasn’t a too nice of a girl. I began to see more to book characters and to other people. I no longer took them at face value nor for granted. This book caused me to read more books with substance and less books about a moody kid with mood rings and dried cherries, not that there were many books like that. This book gives me a lot of nostalgia and I like this book. I would also save this book because I’m probably the only one who
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