True Grit Analysis

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ENG150 Film Analysis Hong Weiwei, 250005511 20th July 2014 Film Analysis: True Grit (2010) Introduction The movie portrays the hero’s journey of Mattie Ross, Rooster Cogburn and La Boeuf. However which ones out of the three I consider to be heroic? “Heroic” to me means willingness to sacrifice him/her to do good things for the benefit of others. I will be looking at their personality and actions to see they fit in my definition of heroic. Analysis Mattie Ross Mattie Ross is a bright and headstrong fourteen year-old and is different from other girls around her age. After the death of her father, she went to Fort Smith alone to his affairs and also to seek revenge on Tom Chaney who was involved with her father’s murder. Due to her stoic personality, she is able to stand her ground around the toughest men around and remains true to her principles throughout the entire movie. Firstly, Mattie displays her wit and bargaining abilities as shown by the scene where she successfully negotiates a deal with an unscrupulous horse trader. Mattie was not intimidated nor did she hesitate, maintaining her composure and never backing down from her demands throughout the whole trading process. Additionally, Mattie also manages to convince Rooster Cogburn, a US Marshall to assist her in tracking down and killing Tom Chaney in order to avenge her father’s death. She approaches Cogburn when he was in an outhouse and managed to hire him with the promise of reward money, despite the fact that she
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