True Grit Book Report

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True Grit, a novel by Charles Portis, tells a story about the journey a young girl named Mattie Ross takes for the vengeance of her father’s death. True Grit was published in 1968, in the novel, the story is taking place sometime after the American civil war ended. The story is narrated by Mattie, as she recalls the journey as an older woman. Mattie is a brave, independent and tough young girl. During the journey, Mattie is fourteen years old and she leaves behind her mother and younger siblings to avenge the unfair murder of her father by a man named Tom Chaney. This novel follows the hero 's journey by starting off with the “quester,” True Grit’s quester is Mattie Ross. The fourteen-year-old is off to avenge her father’s death heading to Fort Smith, Arkansas. Which leads to the “place to go,” Mattie heads to Fort Smith to confirm her…show more content…
She is to see to her father’s business regarding the bought ponies as well as witnessing an execution. Mattie’s fierce character and personality help her resell the ponies to the seller, Mr. Stonehill. This is all an advantage to Mattie of course, she is able to sell the ponies back and get money to then pay Rooster Cogburn with, to start the hunt for Tom Chaney. Mattie deals with hardships and trials more into her journey alongside Rooster Cogburn and LaBoeuf. For example when LaBeouf began to spank Mattie, she was dealing with feeling scared and hurt in an especially unfamiliar area without her family to guard her. Luckily Rooster was there in defense of Mattie and ordered LaBoeuf to stop. Not only is Rooster her “guardian” in this moment, but he is considered Mattie’s older,wise guide in this journey. “ It will be the biggest mistake you ever made, you Texas brush-popper” is what Rooster says in defense of Mattie against LaBoeuf. Rooster Cogburn helps Mattie find Tom Chaney and saves her when she gets hurt and bitten by a snake later in the
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