True Hero Definition

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True heroes face many obstacles either going into war or saving a family from slavery the boundaries are endless. The essence of a true hero will defend for those they care for and willing to put their lives before their friends. Examples of these theoretical frameworks will demonstrate this definition of a true hero. Hassan from The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Cordelia from The Tragedy of King Lear by William Shakespeare defines their aspects of a true hero. Other critical writers over theses topic as well. These critical writers Jim Bartley, Louis Fantasia, Kenneth J.E. Graham, and Tamara Jones will support my statements of a true hero. I’ll examine the collision and encounter meets they struggle to achieve their purpose. The monumental novel King Lear where it features the courageous Cordelia, and Kite Runner where it features brave Hassan. The significance of this research to define a true hero and what they are willing to do to make those around them enlighten. The actions of a person define their…show more content…
As Cordelia fought a long hard battle she was then too weak to complete her promise. Her promise was to make her father heart filled with joy, in contrast, another fellow path has found a downhearted collision. A purpose of a hero is to impact those around them and to teach new life lesson of their purpose and values of their journey. King Lear one of those impacted by Cordelia death in which he realized “A plague upon you, murderers, traitors all! I might have saved her; now she 's gone forever!...” (Act Five, Scene 3, line 3450). In this scene Lear remorse upon his youngest daughter that truly love him. King Lear was truly impacted by the loss of his daughter which depicts the ideal of a true hero. Another purpose of a true hero life is to impact others in their journey and their purpose. In which where Cordelia impacted her father after the realization of true
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