True Identities In The Bicycle And Budge Wilson

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As people age, they may change due to situations that have an influence on their lives. Through life’s journey, people often face many important decisions in their search for their true identities. During this process, the decisions people are required to make help to define one’s personality and overall character. As people search for a sense of contentment, other people as well as one’s own internal feelings may alter the path that one takes, unexpectedly leading them to their true identities. In The Bicycle and The Metaphor, by Jillian Horton and Budge Wilson, respectively, both authors use characters who show how internal and external influences such as peer pressure, authority from parental figures, and guilt have the potential to alter Hannah and Charlotte’s desires and the choices they make to develop their true identities. In both short stories, external Influences such as peer pressure affect Hannah and Charlotte’s development of their true identities. Despite their exceptional skills, both girls seek a connection with their peers. In particular, when Hannah thinks about the limitations placed on her sense of freedom by Tante Rose, Hannah says, “when the girls rode…show more content…
Each individual has a different unique calling, and one must learn through their experiences who they truly are as a person in order to follow their destiny. In The Bicycle and The Metaphor, Hannah and Charlotte are often subject to the influence from peer pressure, parental authority, and their own guilt to alter their identity. It is through these three essential influences that one’s identity is unveiled as they learn their true essence and purpose in society. Ultimately, one’s true identity is dependent upon one’s immediate surroundings and internal feelings. Without this influence, many often fail to realize their true potential and capabilities in life, leading to a false sense of
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