True Life Story: My Life In Primary School

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I can 't control my tears! Thanks to my teachers!!

True Life Story:

When I was in primary school, I used to be very dull - always coming last in the class, always scoring zero.

The punishment in those days was almost unbearable as the teacher, in addition to the flogging, would always ask my fellow students to form a circle round me and sing very derogatory and demeaning songs for me. School life in those days was a hell of an experience for me and the encounters were always seriously disgracing and embarrassing.

One day, I decided to put an end to these bitter scenarios and on that particular Friday, upon arrival from the school, I took my time to really study hard. Deep in my heart, I was resolute to put an end to these dullard songs and terrible floggings once and for all. Never again will they
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He turned the school environment from prison yard to Christmas party for me. His passion was obvious and contagious. I became active again. I participated fully in the class knowing full well that even if I miss the point, he would not crush my spirit.

With new interest in him. I had renewed interest in the subjects he taught me and subsequently in all the school activities. The real me came out! The giant in me was unleashed!

The potentials were exhumed! By the end of that term, I moved from the last position in the class to second position in the class! Though the sudden transformation sounded incredible but it was true. That is my true life story.

Till I left primary school, I didn 't score any position less than second. I became unstoppable, and though it was not the norm in those days, by the time I got to Primary Five, all the teachers in the school concluded that I was too brilliant to pass through Primary Six.

I wrote common entrance examination when I was in Primary Five, the first of its kind in my area in those days and when the result was released, I took 9th position out of hundreds of candidate that wrote the examination in the
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