Film Analysis: Buttercup

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The message of this film is that even in the most difficult of trials, true love will persevere. Throughout the film Buttercup is constantly pursuing her true love and so is Westley, showing that without this unbreakable love there would be no film.
A young boy gets sick and must stay home so his grandfather comes over to read him a story. At first the boy resents the story but he soon asks his grandfather to continue reading. The story tells about a beautiful young woman named Buttercup who is mourning the loss of her childhood farm boy, Westley, whom she fell in love with. Five years later Buttercup is chosen to be Prince Humperdinck of Florian’s bride-to-be. She then gets kidnapped by three bandits who plan to kill her however, the Dread Pirate Roberts begins to chase after them. Little do they know the prince and his men, who are led by Count Tyrone Rugen, are also chasing them. After finally getting the princess away from the
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He took part in his own film by voicing the rat in the Fire Swamp. He also interacted with his actors. An example of which is that to help Andre the Giant learn his lines, Reiner recorded himself reciting the lines so Andre could put in headphones and listen to them. Reiner also stayed on task so he was able to finish the film and release it on the decided release date. He also was familiar with the original book which gave him a connection however, he had to make the book focus more on the story book plot and take out some of the background stories of the characters to shorten the movie. This makes him an adaptable director. Reiner was not the only candidate for the job of director for this film however, he was decidedly the best choice due to his recent breakthrough to film directing through recent movies he had directed because he had done so well. All in all, Reiner has many qualities of a great director and created quite an amazing
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