True Love In Girl Mans Up

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Love; four letters that shape our society. An emotion that holds so much meaning to it. In the novel Girl Mans Up, the theme of love is heavily prominent. To the protagonist Pen, the meaning of true love is when someone always supports you no matter what, love that can withstand the forces against it, and that holds no restrictions. Firstly, love to Pen is endless support and care. This is shown to her by her older brother Johnny; someone in Pen’s life that has been there for her since she was small. From giving Pen advice on how to deal with her vituperative parents (Girard, 71), to standing by her side after a physical fight with Colby, a former friend turned nemesis (Girard, 324), it is clear that Johnny endlessly supports his sister. In the…show more content…
She’s the only person who hasn’t frowned and acted all sad about my not living at home anymore. She gets that home doesn’t always have to mean the place where your parents are at” (Girard, 350), shows Pen’s trust in Olivia. They started off not understanding the other at all; Pen thought Olivia was whiny and Olivia loathed Pen for being friends with Colby. In the end of the novel, they are as close as can be. It shows Pen that true love between friends is being able to overcome adversities, and come out stronger than ever. Lastly, true love to Pen is one that holds no restrictions or boundaries. Pen has grown up in a household very disapproving of her her sexuality and looks. Her parents have tried to confine and punish their daughter into a very tiny box. Blake, her crush and later girlfriend, shows Pen a whole new world. To Pen, Blake is the coolest girl alive; her tendency to always stay true to herself instantly draws Pen to her. When they end up together, their relationship shows Pen that love does not have to be restricted to those who are straight, or those who are “manly” and can “get girls” because of their looks and popularity. The quote “You know that I know you’re a girl, right?” she
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