True Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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In Midsummer Night's Dream, the four lovers are shown as examples of society that do not know what true love is. Shakespeare shows this through the fighting scenes and the romantic scenes. He shows true love through Theseus and Hippolyta when they get married into the beginning of the book. William Shakespeare gives his view on fake and true love by using the four lovers as an example of fake love and Theseus and Hippolyta as an example of true love. In this instance, I will be using Hermia, Helena, Lysander, and Demetrius as a representation of society due to their lack of true love. Theseus and Hippolyta represent what society thinks their relationships look like. The four lovers use inconsistent love towards each other by either arguing…show more content…
None of the four lovers know who they truly love and they are always fighting over each other when they don’t even know who they love. Marriages in society are the same way, young teens tend to like one person for a little while and then move on to another person just as the four lovers did. All couples argue and fight over each other until they are content with who they are in love with. Lysander quotes his view on love like "You’ve pretended to be in love with her, singing fake love songs softly at her window by moonlight"( l. i. 30.) to show how they realize that he really doesn't show true love towards anyone. That is a message from Shakespeare suggesting that society should at least realize that they aren't giving real love towards anyone. Such as when one of the lovers' quotes" You've pretended to be in love with her" meaning that Shakespeare did this on purpose to prove his point. The whole point of the four lovers' ups and downs were to use them to teach society a lesson. As the one of the lovers' quote " singing fake love songs softly at her window by moonlight" Shakespeare is trying to prove that society does all this kind stuff for their loved one, but they don’t mean it. They are doing it because that’s what they think they need to do for that other person to love them. When they should be doing things that would show their love for their spouse and have a true meaning to it. True love isn't real love when you do things because that’s what you were taught to do or that's what you see other people
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