Why Is There True Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet could they be in true love, yes they can because they have oblation their lives so that the people around them could not be in a family disapprove.Tybalt and Benvolio had started a massacre over dignitary tripping senior citizens.Making them want to destroy each other little by little allowing this to happen both families go to grieve about their kids committing suicide. They blame the others for it and still go into battle like they were trying to prevent. According to this, I believe that they do have true love for their families and for themselves because they would sneak around just so that they could see one another even though they are from different sides the Capulets' and the Montagues.Romeo had disappeared to Juliet's house to prove to her that he loved her even though that if Romeo was discovered to…show more content…
Similar to the story of Adnon and Hae where they had to sneak around due to their strict parents and Adnon religion that made them unacceptable not to be able to date so they had to say they were going to people house just to see each other. Some people Who have gotten to meet another, either by sneaking around or just going around will learn more about one another and become to be in love with each other ultimately or extremely close friends.This will be about Romeo and Juliet comes together as an anonymous couple even though their families didn't countenance of them do so. Friar Lawrence was to marry them at noon when Romeo was to send Juliet a communication to meet and then they could go off forever and be married, but the nurse had to rest and get rid of the frustrating pain that had been caused by dwindle so much that Juliet had to plead her for the memorandum that young Romeo had
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