Romeo And Juliet And Destino Analysis

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The mind can always hunt down the origin of a thought. What will the mind do with that thought, though? It hoards the thought, locking it away deep in the memory. Once a man or a woman identifies someone as his/her definite pursuit, there is no stopping until this process complete. The pursuit is then stored in the brain as a mission to be together with that special person. The heart knows what it wants, but it is the job of the mind to obtain that want. Once created, love’s impulses slip through the pores of each obstacle to satisfy the subject. What was once impermeable, becomes permeable when love comes into play. Two works of art exemplify this idea: Romeo and Juliet and Destino. The love story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is told…show more content…
In a matter of seconds, all that is left of Romeo is his lifeless body. Just as Romeo’s body drops to the ground, Juliet awakens from her slumber. Friar Lawrence, a witness to Romeo and Juliet’s love, explains that Romeo his life and the life of Paris. Upon receiving this upsetting news, Juliet refuses to leave her true love. Juliet sees one way of being with Romeo. She unsheathes his sword drives it through her chest, plunging on top of Romeo in a bloody mess. The unbreakable bond between the two lovers lasted in life and death as they took their lives for each other. Mirroring Romeo and Juliet, is the scene from Destino that shows the female character forever residing in the male character. As a result of true love’s work, the male character desirably bonds with his lover; he catches the female character, grasping and hugging her until she is fully infused into his heart. First, his eyes were glued to the beauty bestowed by this woman. Then, his love for her traveled from his mind down to his heart - his source of life. Although not physically inside him, the girl empowers the man, sprouting joy in his life. The man is trapped in a chamber of clocks alone, forever a prisoner of the present; however, the girl drives his happiness and brings him company even though she is no longer with him. The man does not have access to his relationship he once had, but his love for the girl is what builds a new, unending relationship. Much different from chemical bonds, are the bonds love generates to complete a mission of eternal
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