True Love In The Notebook

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"The Notebook" is a piercing and touching story of long lasting true love. Love, which is so power to defy all odds. The novel starts with an elder person reading a stroy for her wife. It seemed so real as if they travelled back in time of 1932. Noah, young and handsome boy met a beautiful glowing Allie as teenagers. It was summer time. Allie belonged to a well-off family with a strong background and have many strong connections with high ups. While on other hand, Noah was from lower middle class family and more like nobody. Allie 's family didn 't approve the match and they moved to New York.
Noah and Allie were separated for fourteen years. Allie loved painting and fond of art but she left it because of her parents. She went to college
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"The Notebook" is said to be a simple romantic nove but it is just a genre. To me it is a story of eternal love. It is the expression of pure love. The stroy is very alluring when opens the way into fantasy of how we want love in real life. It portrays the higher kind of love. A lvoe and relation in which there are no boundaries. And in the novel, we see that with the passage of time, such relation gets stronger and deeper. Beauty fades away with age but true love doesn 't. The marvellous moments and changing events affect the minds and hearts of readers. This novel is a tear jerker. How the characters met, how they faced the worldly hurdles and how they got old together and the picture of him reading story from his notebook for his beloved Allie is very fascinating and heart throbbing. Element of devotion was portrayed and was shown as foremost thing in love. Love is not just gaining someone but to stand in love even if that person is not around. To see them happy in their life is love. I found this story magnificent because throughout the story, feeling of happiness and sadness were twisted. The portrayal of the story and events was so rich that you got yourself into it and forgets about the outside world and what 's going on around. This novel explores the nature of uncommon love. It depicts the enduring and committed love. Sparks had portrayed wild emotions of their growing love. Even at the serious stage of Allie 's disease, she sometimes recognizes Noah. Another
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