The Time Traveler's Wife Analysis

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There are millions of love stories in the world, but The Time Traveler’s Wife is one that stands out against them all. It is a love that lasts through age, time, and above all, it is a love that is different to every other one. The Time Traveler's Wife, is the story of the relationship between the two protagonists in the novel, Clare, an art student and Henry, a librarian. Henry and Clare’s love overpowers the traditional relationship between two people. Even though Henry is traveling through time they try and make their love work and are successful. Through thoughts, past and present experiences, and two people, we see a unusual relationship that shows us what true love is really about. The Time Traveler's Wife show us the effects of time…show more content…
Even though Henry is traveling through time, they try to make their love work. While in everyday life a relationship is between two considerably normal people. In The Time Traveler’s Wife, the relationship between Henry and Clare, it is extremely unrealistic which makes the novel even more exciting to read. Partly because it is so different. We find it hard to understand what's going on, but eventually we know that Clare loves Henry from childhood, waits for him as a woman and keeps loving him until she…show more content…
I'm constantly running up against the fact that I can't change anything even though I am right there, watching it." (1.4.246) These are tough times; Both Clare and Henry hate to be away from the others we love but persevering through it continues. Although the fact that henry knows bad and good things will happen in the future he know he cannot do anything to change them and it pains him deeply. [Clare:] "This is my room," I say apprehensively and Henry slips around me and stands in the middle of the rug just looking and when he turns to me I see that he doesn't recognize anything; nothing in the room means a thing to him, and the knife of realization sinks in deeper. (1.9.44) Clare is showing Henry her room while its at the point that she has met him before. Henry should know this place and clare although he cant because he is younger than when he originally met her even though she was 6 when he first met her and she has known him for years, while he thinks they are just meeting. These are examples on how his time travel affects their relationship
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