The Importance Of Unconditional Love

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Everyday there are more people killing, more families being torn apart, more discrimination happening in the world. There are nations dropping bombs and children being killed by poisonous gasses. People die because they have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Now people just care about making money, being famous, popular. We segregate others because they don 't think as we do. We lack understanding and fairness. We lack the most fundamental virtue any human can posses, love. And it might sound so cliché and worn out but we really need love in this world. We 've lost it and we need back, desperately. We need a real love that overcomes all evil, one that makes you better, an unconditional love. I know many people might not believe in the Bible…show more content…
The toddler remembers the little girl that lent her a doll on playtime. You feel loved when that stranger you made eye contact with, smiles at you. Couples remember the place of their first kiss, or how they proposed, their hectic wedding day and the day when they learnt they 'd become parents. You love and remember all those who were around when you were sick or grieving. You remember all those who listened, who lent you a hand when you needed them most. And if being there, making life 's moments better is not love, then what is? Maybe, we make love end and seem ugly and bitter. But this earthly love we have here, that is neither whole nor perfect, can be mended. Because pushing people away, specially when you do it out of fear, that 's what makes you weak. But when we love, we appreciate the nature and innocence of love itself. We cherish all the laughter. We hug and feel whole again. Because that 's what love does, it completes…show more content…
You want to make them smile, you want to give them that ice cream they 're always craving or buy them pizza or bake brownies, or maybe you want to take them to the movies or get them tickets to see their favorite band. Perhaps, you want to tell them a bedtime story, tuck them in bed, and give them a goodnight kiss. Or just hold their hand and look into each other 's eyes. You want a better world for them. You never want them to feel broken. You feel like wherever they are, that 's where you belong. When you love, it 's like you are in a constant state of euphoria where you don 't want to think about the bad things, you just want to cherish all that 's good. Love allows you to look at the brightness; it gives you hope and peace. Because when you love someone, you don 't hurt them, you don 't take them for granted. People might say that love makes you blind or that it makes you weak. I can 't disagree to that. Your eyes, they leave out the cruelty, and they show you the magnificence in humanity, in nature. You have hope for a better world. Faith awakens in you. And yes, love makes you weak, because whenever you see a soldier coming home from war and hugging their mother for the first time in months, your heart is touched. What about all the children that have nothing but the love of their parents and a pair of old shoes? What about the homeless man that smiles when he 's given that penny someone didn 't

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