True Love Never Did Run Smooth

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“ A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a perfect comparison to a rollercoaster. Love did not come easy to the 3 couples; in fact, Lysander states “ the course of true love never did run smooth”. There are many examples, to support Lysander’s opinion. Some examples are more significant than others. This rollercoaster of love begins when Oberon puts a potion in Titania’s eyes, secondly when Puck does the same to Lysander, and finally when Demetrius turns his back on Helena. Growing up, realizations come clearer. The cold truth is, people will say one thing but do another, in order to get what they want. Oberon is a very selfish man, he decides to put the flower juice in Titania’s eyes in order to get what he wants. He is hoping she will fall madly in love with an ugly beast; subsequently she will be so lovestruck, she will hand over the little boy that both her and Oberon desire. His plan is a success and he gets what he wants and Titania will go back to normal after receiving the potion. Love triangles usually never end well, someone always gets hurts. Lysander and Hermia are forbidden lovers, because Hermia’s father demands she marries Demetrius; therefore, the two young lovers escape to the woods. Unfortunately they fall asleep; meanwhile Helena and Demetrius set out to look for them. Secretly Puck places the…show more content…
To fall in love, and keep that love is not always a walk through the park, or as easy as baking a cake. One crucial ingredient to keep a love on fire is honesty and faithfulness, in this play there was lots of little white lies within the four couples. On top of the white lies, unfaithfulness, and flower juice it would have made any relationship complicated. Reflecting on the couple’s mix ups, there could have been preventions to avoid the complications, but without the complications would it really have been true love? Because as the play goes “The course of true love never did run
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